Monday, July 30, 2007

Springtime for Hitler: UK schools teach not to "judge" Hitler

This is one of those stories that takes your breath away. Seems that a 16 year old UK kid is enamored of Hitler. He did all sorts of great things for his people, only bombed the UK cities because it was in retaliation for UK "carpet bombing" of Germany, needed French land to feed his people, killed the Jews because he was "mad" and so on....

One could dismiss this as the idiocy of a male teenager... But his mother reports that there is a new curriculum in UK schools which fights prejudice against Germans and teaches the students not to "judge" Hitler.

No comment necessary... except that it happened at Disneyland... probably in Fantasyland...


kinkminos said...

I never would have thought that the liberal atmosphere of Disney theme parks (Alexei Sayle notwithstanding) could engender this kind of moral blindness.

What next?

- Will Torquemada become known as the saviour of Christendom?

- Will Slobodan Milosovic become the new torch-bearer of righteous European enlightenment?

- Will Ariel Sharon be pictured as a(n overweight) dove in future historico-romantic feature films?

- Will Bal Thackeray become the founding father of the secular economic giant which topples the US from its current position as king of the economic world?

The mind boggles.

Deborah Lipstadt said...

Whoa.... let's not assume that the worst or the absurd will happen.

Also, as I should have noted in the blog, this is based on one mother's comment while at Disneyland, a place where parents have been known to go mad....

Let's hope -- that is the thing with feathers -- the mother got it wrong.

kinkminos said...

let's suppose, just for a minute, that she got it right. i think that would probably be the end of the world as many people know it.