Thursday, July 19, 2007

The BBC stands firm on antisemitism..

Even the media outside of the UK has covered the BBC's major problems this past week. First it was a trailer on a movie about the queen which made it look like the queen had stormed out of a photo shoot with Annie Leibowitz [she did not]. The BBC apologized.

Now it turns out that the BBC has been fixing the way certain quiz shows come up by rigging the calls and the votes.

Therefore, the following story should not come as a surprise. The BBC received a blatantly antisemitic post on it website citing how the Talmud supposedly makes it OK to cheat non-Jews.

This attack on the Talmud is, by the way, is an increasingly popular theme in antisemitic literature. It's not new but it used to be just the province of the crackpots... no more.

According to the BBC's own rules
"posts that are removed include ones that are considered likely to disrupt, provoke attack or offend others or are considered racist, homophobic, sexually explicit or otherwise objectionable."
Despite this policy the BBC refused to remove the post. I guess antisemitism is so common in the BBC's world that it's no longer objectionable...

It did however trip over itself to apologize for referring to Jerusalem as Israel's capital. Thank God for that....


acadia said...

Couldn't this be a case of free speech? They were criticizing Zionism and Judaism. They do the same against Islam and Muslims on a daily basis. Message forums on BBC are hate filled with anti-Muslim material. I don't see anybody complaining (sadly).

Ian Thal said...

Remember that BBC is the same news service that in 2002 repeatedly made erroneous claims of a massacre at the Battle of Jenin, and that this is the same journalistic community where support for the boycott of Israel is found.