Monday, July 2, 2007

More on the murder of the Hamas Mickey Mouse look alike

I just watched the clip of the murder by an Israeli of Farfour on the MEMRI TV site. Farfour, the Hamas Mickey Mouse look alike, refused to give up his family's land for money. Seeing it is even more horrifying than reading about it.

The land that Farfour is protecting is in Tel Aviv. Farfour's grandfather tells him:
This land, which was [occupied] in 1948, is the land I inherited from my fathers and forefathers. I want you to protect it. It is a beautiful land, all covered in flowers and olive and palm trees. I want you to take care of it, Farfour.


I want you to safeguard this, Farfour. Keep this key with you. When the land is regained, use this key, Farfour.


Make sure you don't give up the land, Farfour.

[Grandfather dies]Farfour:Grandpa entrusted me with this great trust, but I don't know how to liberate this land from the filth of the criminal, plundering Jews, who killed my grandpa and everybody.
Then Farfour is interrogated and beaten by the Israeli official for refusing to give him the documents to the land even though the Israelis are willing to pay him for them:
Farfour: These are the land documents which my grandpa entrusted to me, so that I would safeguard them and use them to liberate Jerusalem. When the lands are liberated, we will go and live there. Give them to you? My grandpa didn't tell me to give them to you.


Farfour: I won't give them to criminal despicable terrorists.
The show closes with the young sweet host Saraa saying:
Yes, my dear children, we have lost our dearest friend, Farfour. Farfour was martyred while defending his land, the land of his fathers and his forefathers. He was martyred at the hand of the criminals, the murderers, the murderers of innocent children.
These are potential peace partners?? Next time I hear about a young person volunteering to be a terrorist I won't be surprised.


Earl said...

Does anybody actually believe this?

Deborah Lipstadt said...

I don't understand. Believe that they put it on? Or do the children watching believe that this is possible?

They certainly broadcast it. About the children, my bet is that they believe it... and take it to heart.

Bob M. said...

I would bet that the children believe it. If a person tells a child something enough, he will believe it, especially if the person is trusted (like a parent, or a teacher, or a favorite character on TV).

From a Western point of view, one has to wonder if this is what goes for children's "entertainment", just how radical and hate-filled is the message for adults? Partners for peace, I think not.

Banks,money,loans,credits... said...

poor Mickey, disgusting

Hume's Ghost said...

Of course the children believe it. They're being brainwashed. Hitler's Youth, anyone?

Professor Lipstadt in her previous post on this subject pondered how children indocritinated by the Nazis would have deprogrammed theirselves later in life after the war.

I've been meaning to write a post about that for some time now (actually did start just never finished it) but I'll have to finish it given this recent absolutely despicable heinous propaganda.

My post was (or is) going to be a partial response to Professor Lipstadt, quoting the following letter (sourced from Hitler's Willing Executioners)

Those Jews were and remained something mysteriously menacing and anonymous. They were not the sum of all Jewish individuals … They were an evil power, something with the attributes of a spook. One could not see it, but it was there, an active force for evil.

As children we had been told fairy stories which sought to make us believe in witches and wizards. Now we were to grown up to take this witchcraft seriously, but we still went on believing in the “wicked Jews”. They had never appeared to us in bodily form, but it was our daily experience that adults believed in them. After all, we could not check to see if the earth was round rather than flat – or, to be more precise, it was not a proposition we thought it necessary to check. The grownups “knew” it and one took over this knowledge without mistrust. They also “knew” that the Jews were wicked. This wickedness was directed against the prosperity, unity, and prestige of the German nation, which we had learned to love from an early age. The anti-semitism of my parents was a part of their outlook which was taken for granted …

For as long as we could remember, the adults had believed in this contradictory way with complete unconcern. One was friendly with individual Jews whom one liked, just as one was friendly as a Protestant with individual Catholics. But while it occurred to nobody to be ideologically hostile to the Catholics, one was, utterly, to the Jews. In all this no one seemed to worry about the fact that they had no clear idea of who “the Jews” were. They included the baptized and the orthodox, yiddish [sic] speaking second hand dealers and professors of German literature, Communist agents and First World War officers decorated with high orders, enthusiasts for Zionism and chauvinistic German nationalists … I had learned from my parents’ example that one could have anti-semite opinions without this interfering in one’s personal relations with individual Jews. There may appear to be a vestige of tolerance in this attitude, but it is really just this confusion which I blame for the fact that I later contrived to dedicate body and soul to an inhuman political system, without this giving me doubts about my own individual decency. In preaching that all the misery of the nation was due to the Jews or that the Jewish spirit was seditious and Jewish blood was corrupting, I was not compelled to think of you or old Herr Lewy or Rosel Cohen: I thought only of the bogeyman, “the Jew”. And when I heard that the Jews were being driven from their professions and homes and imprisoned in ghettos, the points switched automatically in my mind to steer me round the thought that such a fate could also overtake you or old Lewy. It was only the Jew who was being persecuted and “made harmless”.

--- “Melita Maschmann in a confessional memoir written to her lost, former childhood Jewish friend” Melita was a devoted member of the girls’ division of the Hitler Youth

Mamarazzi said...

You know, I wouldn't put it past children to believe this. They are after all impressionable and it's shameful that this was aired.

Thank you for posting such brain feeding articles to read. I will be visiting more.

Arrowman said...

That is horrible, exploiting children of all things to further your political goals!

lowjake said...

One can clearly see there is little that talking or reasoning with these people will accomplish. It sorrowfully seems that under some blundering cocophany of uncontrolled and uncontrollable events, there will be generalized war between the exponents of blood atonemnet Islamofacism among the Moslems and the less rigorously religious Western powers, beset as they are now, with their marxist theologeons, whose hatred is just as strong and religious as is that of the Moslem antagonists.

The West will ultimately have to decide whether to softly knock down a few radicals or to bite the bullet and decide to push the Moslem threat back into Saudi Arabia from whence it came violently out, some thirteen hundred years ago, destroying everthing in it's path. As an artist, I can see many possible side actions, but as a student of history, the mass actions needed will blunt most possibilities, narrowing down the generalised probable outcomes.

With that as a background, multitudinous possibilities exist in the practical world to bring civilisation into the picture, wherein the various religions and cultures could co-exist, even peaceably; . . . it being that the lowest common denominator of each grouping be held firmly in check within each group.

Easily said, but this flies in the face of the natural world as we see and witness it every day, where violence and death are every bit as natural as birth and life, each complimenting the other. When it's said, "the meek shall inherit the earth", I don't think they meant, "the weak shall inherit the earth".

The weak will always lose their position, as they always have. The strong will always prevail. There are many definitions of these words. There will be a time not far off where some of these definitions will be tested.

Anonymous said...

Of course children believe it.

It is pretty sick at what's being done to be honest.

Children are easily influenced, and this just takes advantage of that.

Friendstacy said...

It's indoctrination, not brainwashing. Brainwashing is when you force someone to change their mind about something they believe. Indoctrination is when you force a child to believe something rather than allowing them to find their own truth. Do you really think children anywhere else are not being indoctrinated in similar ways?? Do you really believe you weren't either? I know I was, but because I realize it, the indoctrination didn't quite work so well and I'm still able to think for myself and question the authorities who would tell me what to believe. But look at our public schools and television shows the children watch and tell me you don't see the exact same sorts of techniques being used.

Cassandra said...

I saw something similar to this... I believe it was the same show, and they had different children call in and sing their own original songs...this one girl called in, and sang about peace and humbleness or something along those lines, and they ridiculed it, saying that it was disgraceful to their country to be singing about such things, and that true citizens would never back down in defending their contry's honor. A few more children sing...then one that got to me most was these two children singing about the "terrorists" in their land, and using "AK47s" to avenge their people...

yeah, I was shocked, needless to say. I think it's terrible that such governments will stoop to such vile methods in an attempt to indoctrinate their children...and the scary thing is, it seems to be working.

Ian Thal said...

Even if only a small minority of children see "the death of Farfour" as being "true"-- that small minority is the next generation of bomb-belt-wearers. It only takes a few extremist zealots to derail hope.

Interestingly enough, I saw a documentary on PBS, which featured interviews with a number of captured would-be suicide bombers (actually, one of them had surrendered after having an epiphany just minutes before blowing himself up.) What was striking was that few of the bombers were particularly ideological-- they were almost exclusively moody, confused teenagers who had been emotionally manipulated by older men who considered themselves too important to go out on a mission themselves.

MarcLord said...

If people are willing to strap bombs on themselves and make a martyr out of Mickey Mouse, it's terrible emotional manipulation.

It's also known by another name: asymmetric warfare. Maybe, instead of following failed policies like bulldozing people's homes (no better way of creating a support base for terrorism was yet invented) Israel should look at success models. Particularly before the stream of money & arms from the US dries up.

The brilliant Israeli War College professor Martin van Creveld would point to how the UK handled the IRA, and why there is now peace and prosperity in Ireland. The Brits decided to not respond punitively on the Irish people as a whole, but to treat the terrorists among them as criminals, even whilst extending them the full protections of British law. But I suppose he has already tried that, and was ignored.

Bill said...

This is so stunning!!! I am a food critic , but I suddenly browsed from food to this mess!!

JR said...

Prof. Lipstadt,

Thank you for this blog. It is a useful tool to illustrate the insanity of our world.

As a real man who has grown up in a genuflecting politically correct society, that believes in equivocating on all issues of truth and morality; I am not surprised to see the insanity that we are witnessing each day. We are forced to endure the denial that we face a radically fascist religious enemy (willing to sacrifice the innocence of a child), found within the Islamic world. We are forced to endure the insanity; At least I am not the only voice decrying the insanity!

Thank You!

Gratefully Submitted by the editor of the "We Hold These Truths..." Blog