Sunday, July 29, 2007

David Irving making movies....

From today's Independent:

The sinister Holocaust denier David Irving appears to be plotting a comeback. Strangely, it will be set against the backdrop of one of our most esteemed centres for understanding international affairs.

Irving, who once rubbished the idea that Auschwitz existed to murder Jews - "It's baloney; it's a legend" - was spotted filming yesterday in one of the hallowed halls of Chatham House.

The institution prides itself on its independence, but might this be a bit much?

Over to Chatham House.

"It was a private booking, you don't need to give a name, you just pay the rental fee," says a spokesman. "We didn't know it would be him." Wonderful!

The only thing I like about this is the moniker the paper gives Irving, "sinister Holocaust denier." It's a fact. Makes all those years of legal travail worth it.

YouTube watchers keep you eyes open, that's where this will probably end up.

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Irene Grumman said...

Thank you for the legal travail. I dismiss such people as nuts, but that doesn't stop the harm they do.