Sunday, July 1, 2007


More thoughts on the Neturei Karta so-called rabbis at the Iran Holocaust denial conference.....

Makes me wonder what the so-called rabbi was really doing in Tehran... Maybe Professor Dossa can enlighten us. Of course his reports on the conference have not been too trustworthy.


acadia said...

Ahmadinejad is one of those people that only fools shake hands with. The reason he doesn't shake hands with women is because women hate him. He forces them to hide their faces, instead of to feel "sexual" and free (as all women should). He is just an idiot who censors freedom of speech and who believes that "successful" states must have religious governments and be run on the "divine" principles of God... Does he have any friends? His parents think he was a mistake.


Deborah Lipstadt said...

Whoa. I was talking about the so-called rabbi who won't shake hands with women. Though you do have a point. Both of these guys insist that the women in their community go about covered from head to toe.

But I don't think Ahmadinejad is an idiot. Not at all. Check out how he twisted the supposed elites at the Council on Foreign Relations around his finger.

What his parents think about him, I have no idea. They may be very proud.

Actually comments such as that take away from the importance of your other observations.

acadia said...
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REVAMP said...

I have wondered that too the heading i mean. i got a question for you because you have a lot of comments. how do u get people to read your blog because i just started one and want people to see it. Sorry to bother you answer if you have time please.