Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Ward Churchill [the one who called the 9/11 victims (and me) Eichmanns] fired: But not for that

Ward Churchill who claimed to be a Native American but was not and who called the 9/11 victims, particularly those who worked in finance and investment, "little Eichmanns" was fired yesterday by University of Colorado.

He had called me an Eichmann for ignoring the genocide of Native Americans in my book Denying the Holocaust because I was destroying another people. [If that makes sense to you let me know.]

Some free speech advocates will rise up to his defense. They should not. He was not fired for this.

A university committee investigated and found, according to the Rocky Mountain News,
# Historical facts: Churchill manufactured events in which European Americans intentionally spread smallpox to kill Indians. In one such event, the Army is said to have distributed tainted blankets to Mandan Indians. But no evidence backs the claim.

Elsewhere, Churchill claimed the United States adopted a formal racial code to identify Indians, similar to the code used by the Nazis to identify Jews. U.S. law includes no such code, legal scholars say.

# Plagiarism: Churchill published an essay on water issues in Canada that closely resembles a pamphlet by a Canadian environmental group. He also borrowed a work on fishing rights originally published by Canadian scholar Fay Cohen.

# Falsifying sources: Churchill wrote essays under the names of other people, which he then cited as independent sources in his footnotes.
In the academic world these are capital offenses. Watch now as Churchill hits the trail and presents himself as a victim...

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Hume's Ghost said...

If that makes sense to you let me know.

Nope, doesn't make any sense.

Captain USpace said...

Great one! Churchill is total garbage.

Ward Churchill wasn't fired for his insane moonbat 9/11 comment. This only put the spotlight on him and people had to investigate, and some extreme things were found which warranted his sacking. Ward Churchill is a fraud, and his upcoming lawsuit against his former employer should serve to educate even more of the public about his insanity and rampant lies and fakery.

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