Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Palestinian Mickey Mouse may be dead but the bumble bee carries on

According to a MEMRI dispatch, Farfour the mouse who was killed by an Israeli who wanted his land, has been replaced by Nahoul, a bumble bee who is apparently Farfour's cousin [cousi?... don't ask after all it is a children's show... or at least supposed to be one].

Should be endlessly fascinating.

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hockey hound said...

Dear Deborah Lipstadt,
You write "whatever one thinks of Middle East politics". Islam is the politics of Middle East politics. Period. Islam is the source of anti-Jewish hatred in the Middle East.

I just finished reading your History On Trial for a second time. I was brought to tears again when I read about you throwing papers in the air in the cab when you heard of your victory. After knowing what you do about that bastard David Irving, is Islam's anti-Jewish rhetoric so surprising to you? Think about it. These Muslims get off on Mein Kampf. Doesn't that say everything about "Middle East politics."

Let's not forget: Israel has every right to its existence in the Middle East. If Islam's history revisionists (and they are legion!) want to turn back the clock (as Frank Dimant of B'nai Brith once challenged one his Muslim opponents in a debate here in Canada)then let them! They will find a sovereign Israel existing long before their murdering religion (Islam) transmogrified the area into the carnage strewn mess it is today. Now Islam is trying to transmogrify the entire Western world, not just the State of Israel.The plot thickens, as they say in the movies.

Islam's anti-Jewish hatred is just as "cloaked" with false "legitmacy" as were David Irving's insalubrious fantasies about the Holocaust.

You are one of my heroes, Devorah Lipstadt. I will not be silent.

A Noachide friend.