Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Springtime for Hitler (2): Some (more sober) thoughts on the previous post

While the mother's comments about teaching students to not "judge" Hitler were pretty mind boggling, one should certainly not assume that this is actually what is happening. We don't know if she heard this first hand from the teacher or from her son or was simply trying to cover up an embarrassing moment.

Then again given the idiocy that goes on in so many schools, it's possible that it is, as Brits would say, spot on.


Nell said...

I asked a question in comments to your July 24th post about the lobbying for a particular display at the Holocaust Museum, but it was some time after the original post, and may have been overlooked.

If you have time, I would value your thoughts on it: Do you have any insight into what considerations led to the Bergson group's omission from the permanent exhibition?

That is, I largely agree that there should be a scholarly and professional rather than political process for developing exhibitions. But the very scale of the group petitioning for the inclusion of this group makes me wonder how the professional process was operating in this instance. I thought you might have some sense of what the professionals' case for non-inclusion was.

Deborah Lipstadt said...

I don't think it was a conscious decision to leave them out. But the person to ask is probably Michael Berenbaum, who is in LA and teaches at the University of Judaism aka The American Jewish University.

Nell said...