Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Armenian genocide: Ambassador John Evans [who lost his job because he spoke of the genocide] makes statement

I heard from my new friend, Ambassador John Evans, who was fired by the State Department from his position as American Ambassador to Armenia because he referred to the Armenian genocide.

Ambassador Evans has issued the following statement regarding the ADL and American Jewish Committee's change of position regarding the Armenian genocide.
The American Jewish Committee and the Anti-Defamation League have done the right thing to describe the 1915 massacres of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire using the historically accurate term, which is "genocide." And AJC Director David Harris is also right to say that "engagement, not avoidance, is the best strategy." Treating the issue of the Armenian Genocide as a taboo does not get us -- Armenians, Turks or Americans -- anywhere, but only perpetuates a long-standing stalemate and generates further bitterness. The issue needs to be faced squarely and honestly for the good of all, and for the future stability of the region.
John M. Evans
U.S. Ambassador to Armenia
Hats off to him for doing so.

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Cecilieaux Bois de Murier said...

I am surprised at this. I don't follow Armenian genocide news in any detail, but I had no idea a U.S. ambassador would be fired for stating a historical fact. I understand the Turkish position, while I don't sympathize with it. But the USA? It makes no sense.