Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Postscript [not so happy] to the ecumenical statement by the Muslim and the Jew

The two previous posts made reference to the conference in Bali and the condemnation of Ahmadinejad's Holocaust denial by the former president of Indonesia. There are two important post-scripts to this meeting:

Rabbi Lau, the co-author of the article, was denied a visa to the conference by the Indonesians.

Last week Indonesia, which does not have diplomatic ties with Israel, together with Qatar, delayed a proposed U.N. Security Council statement condemning Ahmadinejad's comments about the forthcoming destruction of Israel.

According to the Jakarta News this action at the UN was taken in response to domestic pressure. That's even more depressing because it means that the person in the street wants this standoff [that's a kind word for it] to continue.

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