Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Express your view on the boycott of Israeli universities....

I don't believe in these online votes run by media outlets. They mean little except how active the two sides of the debate in question were in spreading the word and getting their supporters to log in and vote. And for the media outlet it is a way of getting more traffic to their site.

Having said all that, for those readers of this blog who do, you can express you views on the British boycott of Israeli universities at http://www.newstatesman.com/


steve said...

I think boycotting Israel Universities is wrong mainly because some of the most enlightened members of any free society are students,

I do think many of the things done in the name of security for the Israel population are wrong but until the rest of the westernised world treats all parties in the region equally I see no end to this situation.

This includes support and financial aid and recognition where needed together with an even handed approach to wrong doings.

Many of those with the strongest views forget one of the most important things which sets us apart from the animal kingdom is our ability to respect and care for all our fellow human beings regardless of race, creed, color, political beliefs and faith.


Sunil Kumar said...


Id it is said...

How can knowledge bearers be boycotted! Centers of learning, regardless of location, should be independent of political and religious agendas; they epitomize free thinking and free speech and should be respected for that.

Michael H said...

Prof. Lipstatd:
This is not really a comment, but your sites list no e-mail.

- Thanks for accepting my comment yesterday. Sorry about typo in your name and failure to include proper form of address.

- I found a wealth of interesting material on your blog and I am linking to it in my own. Humor connection not always obvious, but someone should be poking fun at some of the outrageous items you capture.

- Columbia President did a nice broadcast e-mail to alums on the boycott by British Univrsities.