Monday, June 11, 2007

Post-Bucharest Reflections: Session on discrimination against Muslims and others

A short postscript to the previous post: I am not sure that discrimination against Muslim or, for that matter, against other religious, political, ethnic, or sexually oriented groups should be folded into a conference on antisemitism.

That is not to say -- and I stress this because there will be those who will happily misinterpret my comments -- that these are not serious problems.

At the meeting there were those who posited that some of the most vicious violence today in Europe is against Muslim women* and homosexuals.

This is horrible and must be addressed but, as I have noted elsewhere and will note in another post, antisemitism is a different matter, especially when one is talking about the European continent.

*The violence against these women is perpetrated by other Muslims. There will be those, I assume, particularly in the Muslim community who will argue this is not intolerance, this is religious discipline. I think that kind of terrible rationalization needs no comment.

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