Wednesday, June 6, 2007

From Bucharest: A Few Initial Reactions

It's early a.m. here and I am about to go workout then we are scheduled to meet for a 7:30 a.m. briefing meeting of the delegation prior to leaving for the "Palace" [Ceausescu's former residence] where the meetings will be held.

Yesterday afternoon the State Department people who are here and Rep. Eric Cantor [R-Virginia] who is heading the delegation spent a lot of energy coming to a joint decision on what he can and cannot say in his opening speech.

Seems that members of Congress and State Dept. folks express things very differently. Cantor speaks, in great measure, to his constituents at home and the State Deptartment to the nations represented at the meeting. It was a lot of nitpicking but fascinating to watch.

This should be a packed 2.5 days. Last night the Jewish NGO [non-governmental organizations] held a joint reception for people associated with the meeting. It was lovely. Met some fascinating folks from many places.

More later.

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