Sunday, February 18, 2007

The "Yes-But" approach to or excuse for antisemtiism begins to wear thin

Afer reading the previous post, I am sure there will those who will dismiss this overt antisemitism of a Polish member of the European Parliament as the rantings of a far right winger. Essentially what they will say: "Yes [it's antisemtism], BUT [he's of the far right]."

At some point this excuse, for that is what it is, begins to wear thin.

"Yes/But" has been the reaction to so much of the European antisemitism we have witnessed in recent years, e.g. "Yes [they should not have beaten up the person with a kipa, trashed a synagogue, burned a Jewish school, murdered Ilan Halimi; But [they are Muslim youth, they are unemployed, they feel disaffected from the larger society, they are right wingers, they are neo-Nazis etc. etc. etc. ad naseum]"

Really thin.

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