Friday, February 23, 2007

One more thing about Jimmy Carter... really strange

When Carter was referring to former Secy of State Madeline Albright he noted that she was "of Jewish origin."

What was that about?

Can anybody enlighten me????

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Clampett said...

That brilliant manuver is a crucial factor in sucessfully strawmanning the opposition as evil; concerned with perpetuating injustice against arab muslims.

The Racilizing/religous-ifying of m.albright as seen here insinuates: broadly speaking, that

1. carter is 100% Correct

2. his correctness assumed, those opposing him are liars/apologists whose only agenda is to preserve the privledge of their injustices.

2. those opposing him represent the Jews. (why the Fu*k else name the opponent as jewish in order to appear that one(j.carter) is merely noting that the argument is somehow ballanced by a jewish opponent)

2a. b/c jimmy is correct and his opponents are jewish, the reason the jews are opposing jimmy's little light of just truth, they and their allies simply *must* be attempting to preserve the injustice that gives them the privledge of an unnegotiable claim to the land of Isreal.

3. the privledged and lying Jews will attempt to smother jimmy carter's little light of truth, this is to be expected. M.Albright is their pawn for the moment, watch jimmy over come and do the right thing, tonight @ X time.

I told you he was the sorcer of American polisci...I just can't fathom why exactly he's stooped so low as to delve in the brackish waters of antisemitism...(dementia?)

(disclaimer: I'm guessing, but guessing as a former anti-semite who luckily got into college and then got schooled as to why exactly anti-semitism is completely untenable){thank God)