Friday, February 16, 2007

Carter at Emory in International Herald Tribune

The IHT carried the AP story on the Carter appearance at Emory. The most notable thing about the article is that "Carter has repeatedly defended it [his book] as a starting point for debate."

He has been offered a number of chances to engage in dialogue and has ducked it every time. At some point -- and now may be that point -- one can legitimately say: "Methinks the gentleman doth protest too much."

If President Carter wants debate he has his chance. All he needs to do is say yes.

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Clampett said...

Good work, Good Dr.

"If President Carter wants debate he has his chance. All he needs to do is say yes."

In my dreams he'd say yes.

(Sigh), Unfortunately and as usual, Carter's crocodile tears slash in numerous directions, although it's worth noting that his idealism and ignorance of foreign affairs have been a weak point for him at times

(ex: in 1977 he said "Iran is an island of stability in one of the more troubled areas of the world")

But somehow his ignorant idealism tends to convince people that they've seen *the real Jimmy* deep on the inside and you know what -he's a good person-

That’s um,.Proof enough that jimmy is an(if not the) Arch-sorcer of American political science...further examples would be outfoxing trickydickNixion and somehow twisting a populist impulse against big government and aggressive foreign policy into support for his elite arse, aided by magic tricks such as successfully muddling the distinction between a peanut farm and a peanut empire.

I fear that Carter is slimier than an eel and won't be cornered if his track record is any indicator here....but one can always hope that he went too far this time w/ the arrogance and so loses the debate rather pitifully.