Sunday, February 25, 2007

Other People's Lives wins Oscar

Other People's Lives just won the Oscar for Best Foreign Film. It's an important film which demonstrates just how easily it is for the authorities to corrupt people. It shows the evil of communism and, specifically, communist Germany.

Go see it. When you do you will understand why I chose to blog on it. It speaks to so much of what I focus on in this blog. And it is a compelling film


Unknown said...

I have just watched this film with my wife here in England.

I have not enjoyed a film so much for ages.

It is compelling, and very well acted.

Small wonder that it won an Oscar, it should have won acting Oscars too.

I like the idea of this blog too, because it shows how mind control is attempted by both the Left and Right wing.

Particularly insidious is the Politically Correct nonsense, which attempts to disguise mind control and the thought police, by pretending to be something for people's benefit.

If anything I prefer the right wing attempts at mind control. At least it is more honest and open, if just as evil.

I am suprised there are no other comments on here.

Kim Andrews

Unknown said...

My wife and I just watched this film.

I have not enjoyed a film so much for many years.

Thoroughly compelling and well acted. It should also have received Oscars for the acting.

Mind control is practised by the left as well as the right.
However the right is very upfront (albeit evil), while the left as in Political Correctness, disguise mind control. I don't like either, but at least the right is overt and not covert.

Kim Andrews