Sunday, February 4, 2007

Highly articulate level of criticism of me

I have received numerous emails which are laced with antisemitism. Most of them I dump on the grounds that I feel no obligation to give these low lifes a forum. But every once in a while there is one that is so telling and revealing, that I feel obligated not just to post it but to single it out.

So here are the thoughts [not sure they can be called that] from Devil's Kitchen:
You are a dangerous and ignorant fuckwit. Please never darken my internet experience again. DK

Nice, no?


George said...

Who knew there was such a word?From Wikipedia:

Fuckwit is often Internet slang, believed to be British, sometimes used in conversation. Typically, a "fuckwit" is a person who has consistently failed to obtain any degree of 'clue', and appears unable or unwilling to. It can be used for other forms of abuse, often aimed at rude and loud people.

Unknown said...

My comments, which were not offensive at all semm to have diappeared. That's odd. I expressed my deep respect for your work, but my disagreement with your statements about Carter. For example, you give you point out that he does not mention Darfur when he says that the situation of the Palestinians is "one of the worst." Well, he sdaid "one of the worst" not "the worst."