Friday, February 9, 2007

Bar Ilan Professor: Blood Libel charges are not libel

Well looks like we have another storm brewing over a new book by Prof. Ariel Toaff, who happens to be the son of the former Chief Rabbi [who was a very close friend of Pope John Paul].

Toaff, the son, alleges the ritual killing was carried out by members of a fundamentalist group in reaction to the persecution of Jews.

I have not read the book [most people won't but that won't stop them from commenting] but what strikes me as strange is the Toaff based his book on confessions he says came from Jews captured and tried for the practice.

How trustworthy are such confessions? We know that people, when being tortured, confess to all sorts of things. Though I cannot judge until I read the book, seems to me to be pretty weak evidence on which to build such an earth shattering theory.

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