Sunday, February 4, 2007

Diplomat Heroes of the Holocaust ... a "very slim" volume

Peter Steinfels has a review of this book in yesterday's NYT. Here's an excerpt:
February 3, 2007


In the Era of the Holocaust, 29 Who Made a Difference

New York Times

The book is called “Diplomat Heroes of the Holocaust,” and perhaps the most telling thing about it is that it is very slim.

Mr. Holbrooke noted, Europe’s embassies and consulates were filled with thousands of officials, but very few of them proved willing to toss aside protocol and instructions to save the lives of people threatened with death in the camps.

“Diplomat Heroes of the Holocaust” is a documentary record of 29 exceptions. It was written by Mordecai Paldiel, director of the department at Yad Vashem — the main Holocaust memorial museum in Israel — that designates non-Jewish rescuers of Jews with the honorific title Righteous Among the Nations.


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