Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Palestinian youths use rape as a weapon

Some Palestinian youth have fallen to a new low in their struggle against Israel. They are raping young Israeli girls -- 13 year old is the youngest -- and women. This barbaric action is appalling. The only promising or redeeming aspect of this story, as reported in the Jerusalem Post is that elders from their village are appalled by their behavior.

I hope that Palestinian leaders will speak out with one voice against this disgusting behavior.

To my mind, rapists -- irrespective of their national, religious, or ethnic background -- should be subjected to one treatment.... Use your imagination.


Olah Chadasha said...

Being that I study rapists, especially serial rapists, this gang's excuse, and I use that term purposely, that they are repeatedly raping Jewish women because of Israel's treatment against Palestinians is simply bunk, to say the list. This is their justification. It's not their reason. This is the equivalent of when a terrorist attack is claimed to be in revenge for an Israeli shooting committed the day before. It takes months to plan a terrorist attack, so these excuses are complete fallacy.

People don't rape, and they certainly don't serial rape, for political purposes. They rape because they want to exert power, domination, and control over another human being, and they choose sex as the weapon.

Serial rapists are actually rather rare. Based on how the rapes took place, it actually seems almost impossible not to think that these boys didn't start out by raping girls in their own neighborhood but was covered up by the community, or the girls didn't tell. In Arab culture, rape is blamed on the girl. I make this claim because in order to become a serial rapist, one needs to first gain confidence. In order to gain confidence, you start in your own local community. Once you gain confidence, you branch out and become more brazen. These girls were raped while waiting at bus stops. No way these rapists would start out in such a dangerous manner.

Why do I go through all of this? It's simply to stress the point that when Palestinian terrorist and, in this case, rapists, commit heinous crimes and then go ahead and blame it one some Israeli act, we should be well heeded not to fall for these baseless justifications. Serial rapists don't rape out of political purposes. Terrorist attacks aren't committed out of some act that occurred the day before. If we don't remember these facts, we may fall into the same trap as the rest of the western world, that excuses these abhorrent acts simply because they're told that they're committed because of Israeli "occupation".

Deborah Lipstadt said...

Thanks for your comment and for contextualizing this story. It is still is pretty telling that these youth apparently thought they would win favor with their community by making the claim about Israeli "occupation."

Olah Chadasha said...

Your welcome. It's not surprising that they would fall back on the old Israeli "occupation" story to justify their actions. These days, it seems that just about every member of the mainstream media is willing to accept this reason as justification enough for murder, terrorism, and rape. Another way to manipulate perception in the media Intifada.