Monday, February 12, 2007

Thoughts on New Republic article [see previous post]

One of the things I like about the New Republic article is the point Bret Stephens makes about the charge that the "pro-Israel lobby" and/or the organized American Jewish community "suppress debate." [Anyone who can call the American Jewish community "organized" shows how little they know about it.]

The fact is that rather than suppress debate, more often than not there has been a vigorous joining of the debate. Jimmy Carter is all over the media [consistently refusing to appear with anyone who might have the expertise to challenge him... including here at Emory... but more about that later]. Walt and Mearsheimer have a contract to turn their article into a book. Non/anti-Zionist Jews are organizing all over the place.

Does the Jewish community sometimes overreact? For sure. Would it sometimes be better if they just sat quietly and did not make a fuss [e.g. Mel Gibson]? Absolutely.

But if you write an article severely critical of Israel or questioning it's right to exist and want a lot of attention, just sit back and pray American Jews will go after you.

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