Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Another enlightened attack on Jews and on me

Here is an enlighted observation from one of the myriad of antisemitic and denial websites which litter the internet. Oh that I only had the power that they ascribe to me....

Note, however, how even my opposition to the EU legislation is depicted as part of the larger conspiracy:
With much gnashing of teeth, and rending of beards, organized Jewry is back.... the tricky little bastards are attempting to pass a law outlawing “genocide denial,” which of course would cover their holohoax too. Left unsaid of course is that the only so-called genocide being questioned at all is that which supposedly happened during the so-called holocaust.

Note how the Telegraph cynically hauls Deborah Lipstadt, a woman less popular than chicken shit [seriously - literally], out of obscurity and quotes her saying something to the effect that she’s against outlawing free speech. This is done so that it appears Jews are against such matters, but if you care enough to investigate, you’ll find that Lipstadt is a typical Jewish Supremacist and is actually for suppressing dissent when it comes to questioning the holohoax.

No comment necessary.....

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Anonymous said...

Ms. Lipstadt,
Thank you for all your efforts on behalf of the Jewish people.

Scientists using the most shophisticated of microscopes have identified the smallest physical entity in the universe...

The Antisemitic Brain!