Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Another enlightened attack on me and Jews in general

This come from Grover Greeves. He begins by citing a line from my oped on Carter and then launches into a no-holds barred attack. While not as amusing as some of the previous attacks, it is telling.

"All are Jews. Does that invalidate their criticism - and mine - or render us representatives of Jewish organizations?"

Hell yes it invalidates it !! Do you think the public has been brainwashed that badly already to believe otherwise? Carter is spot on in his book, and you can't handle the truth because it hurts. And instead of continuing your incessant wailing about the 'Holocaust', which I find interesting how it got its own defining term, how about publishing some long overdue, in-depth analysis behind all of the possible reasons why anyone could possibly hate others so badly as to inflict such pain on them. Knowing all the reasons that promote such hatred would be the best remedy for preventing future atrocities.

And while we areinvestigating what Jews have "done" to make other hate them so, maybe Grover can enlighten us on what is that women who have been raped do wrong that makes them "deserving" of being raped?

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Louise said...

Hi Deborah,

When I read this passage: "Knowing all the reasons that promote such hatred would be the best remedy for preventing future atrocities." my first thought, before I got as far as your ending comment, was "Oh my god, I've heard that so many times in a different context" - that of a survivor of rape who has been an activist for 20 years - so when I got to your take on it, I could only agree wholeheartedly.

It's still shocking to me that people want to blame others for atrocity; I was used to it in the context of rape but utterly horrified when I found out it happens to Holocaust survivors too It's as if there's some sort of collective mentality that sympathises with perpetrators; either deliberately or because society is so full of it that people accept it without questioning. I am not sure I understand it, but I am proud to stand against it.

Any way Deborah, without wanting to sound like an obsessed fan or something :) you are a true hero to me. How you do what you do and keep doing it despite the hailstorm of vileness you face, is something that inspires me. I come back to your blog again and again. It's also because of you that I started to think about whether there was some contribution that I can make to fighting Anti-Semitism (besides sitting on my backside feeling distraught about it), and I have joined an Australian anti-defamation league.

Thank you for what you are doing in the world, Deborah.