Saturday, February 25, 2006

A Positive Outcome from the Irving trials: Deniers "eat their own"

As some folks at The Holocaust History Project have observed, as a result of what happened to Irving in both trials, i.e. he was forced to recant his positions, deniers have begun to attack one another.

Deniers are, as one pundit put it, beginning to "eat their own."

In a letter from December 30, 2005, Germar Rudolf [who goes by many different names and whose so called study of the gas chambers we proved to be so full of holes that Irving's lawyer withdrew it without using it as evidence, see History on Trial, pp. 294-95] to Fred Tobin, a leading Australian denier:

"David Irving is a disgrace for historians and revisionists alike. He does not know what he is talking about."

And a similar kind of statement about Irving from the British Nazi newsletter "Final Conflict" [January 20, 2000]. This was written right after Irving was forced to acknowledge at my trial that there were gas buses that were responsible for the death of 97,000 Jews.


Dear David,

I thought that this might end so. I don't know which devil rides you, but how can you make such a statement.... You disappoint me. I didn't expect you to do any better, though, as you are no Revisionist and obviously have hardly any idea about the odds and evens of the Holocaust story, but was that necessary? It doesn't look too good for you if you continue making such stupid admissions.

For the story on Irving's admission that he was wrong about the gas busses see ">THE INDEPENDENT - London, 20.01.2000:

David Irving admitted to the High Court yesterday he had made a false public statement that the gassing of Jews in trucks by the Nazis during the Second World War was only done on a limited and experimental basis.

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PHB said...

It does not take a court case for the neo-NAZIs to turn on each other. Irving seems to have gone full blown revisionist after becomming jealous of the attention Zundel garnered. I am sure that if Irving had managed to get off he would have quickly skipped off to another country and recanted his recanting and he will no doubt do this as soon as he is released citing Gallileo.

I don't think the trial has helped in the slightest. Irving wanted martyrdom all along. Sending him to prison is what he was after. Sure he may have got buyers remorse after his arrest, that is quite common in suicides as well.