Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Media Whirlwind III

Well the whirlwind has subsided. Today I talked to Iraeli [Galei Zahal], British [Cambridge University], Danish, and Canadian news outlets. Wrote an oped which JTA published and am working on something for Newsweek.

The JTA oped -- which I have some trouble posting -- challenges those in the Jewish community who are hailing the verdict. I argue that the best way to fight deniers is with history and with evidence not with laws.

But this is nothing compared to the past two days. As with most media stories, they begin to subside after a few days. The difference here is that David Irving is sitting in jail. So this is not going to go away.

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Epaminondas said...

Sunshine is by far the best way to combat ignorance, and bigotry.
Not jail.

Freedom of speech as we see with Skokie, the Piss Christ, the feces smeared virgin mary, and the cartoon jihad is not the easiest path, but that does not detract from the FACT that it is the only path which can protect us all.

Besides, when one moron (like Amhmadi-nejad) pops up with bigotry hiding beneath the light of historical (hoped to be true) lies, the rest of them in the shadows take heart and seem to be unable to help themselves (Muslim Brotherhood) and step out into the sunlight.

Where we can see them.

Carry on!