Friday, February 24, 2006

Brunhilda [aka Lady Renouf aka Miss Newcastle, Australia 1968] gets exposed by the Sydney Morning Herald

Those of you who read History on Trial might remember "Brunhilda," the well dressed woman with big blond hair who clung to Irving's side throughot the trial. Turned out she was a "Lady" as a result of a 3 week marriange to a New Zealand tycoon who discovered -- after marrying her -- that she was a charlatan.

The defense team dubbed her "Brunhilda." In a long article the Sydney Morning Herald exposes her background and takes her to task. It is worth reading to see the kind of people Irving attracts.

She admitted to the paper that Irving's purpose in visiting Austria was a publicity ploy.

[Note: He has succeeded in getting lots of publicity but I seriously doubt he thought he'd also get a 3 year sentence. ]

Here are some selections from the Sydney Morning Herald regarding the fromer Miss Newcastle:

Last year, she attended a New Orleans conference where she shared the rostrum with form Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke, the British National Party, Germany's neo-Nazi NDP and France's National Front.

Lady Renouf is eager for her views to be publicised and admitted that Irving's seemingly brazen return to Austria - where he was long wanted for Holocaust denial - was designed to bring on a trial and thereby gain publicity.

The publicity was not just welcome for Irving politically, but
also monetarily, as he made sure a copy of his magnum opus Hitler's War was included in every trial photo of him as he was led around in shackles.

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