Sunday, February 5, 2006

According to Chi Tribune: Jewish Leaders fear Butz's statement. WHY?????

According to a story in the Chicago Tribune Jewish leaders -- who, with the exception of the head of the Holocaust Foundation of Illinois, remain unnamed and unquoted -- are concerned that Butz's statements expressing support for the Iranian proposed conference on the Holocaust will "lend credibility" to the Ahmadinejad's statements.

I find this hard to believe. Why would anyone think that a professor of Electrical Engineering's comments about a historical event -- comments which have been thoroughly discredited -- would buttress Ahmadinejad's credibility?

I am inclined to think that:

1. Either the reporter added this statement about Jewish "leaders" to give the story a sense of urgency.

2. Or after getting this comment from one head of a local Jewish organization, he heard from some other Jews and dubbed them "leaders."

3. The fact is that this is a situation which calls for some common sense. Instead of crying "Dear Me, the sky may fall", the proper response should be: "This is a man who is totally discredited. No one takes him seriously. Of course, he would side with Ahmadinejad, who is also totally discredited."

4. By worrying about what people might think about Mr. Butz's statement -- instead of pointing out how discredited he and his so called research is -- this reporter and his so-called "leaders" have, it seems to me, helped Mr. Butz [k'shemo kyn hu] regain a bit of credibility.

If they saw him as the Court Jester -- which he indeed is -- there would be no reason to be terribly concerned about what he says.


CaHwyGuy - Daniel the California Highway Guy said...

Dr. Lipstadt:

I just discovered your blog. Fascinating reading, and I'd like to keep up with it. Do you by chance have an RSS or Atom syndication of your blog, so that I can read it from my blog's friends list (I'm on livejournal,

(In case you don't recognize me, I'm the fellow who was in your Jewish Studies classes ages ago at UCLA, who used to always give you reports printed on the computer)

Dave said...

Well, Professor Butz is a court jester, and so is the President of Iran to some degree, but the nation of Iran is busily working on atomic weapons, and I do not regard those devices -- or the suicide terrorists who might detonate them in American, British, or Israeli cities -- as jesters.

I think one fear that may be present in this situation from these folks is that should Iran send a bunch of kamikaze terrorists and their A-bomb into New York harbor on a freighter, and blast it to kingdom come, there could be a backlash against Jews as being the cause of this mess.

We have already seen much of this propaganda at work in the anti-Semitic community, and in such a situation, such beliefs could be easily heightened.

However, I don't think that Americans, confronted by an Islamic-created atomic attack on their own soil, would blame the Jews.

I also think that Butz and his pals probably believe that because Iran -- a nation-state developing atomic weapons -- backs their views and their desire to incinerate Jews everywhere, that in the ensuing destruction and chaos that would result from such a doomsday scenario, they would be able to come to power in the wreckage of America, offering the panic-stricken survivors law and order.

That, too, sadly, is standard of their doomsday rhetoric, and has been for decades.

So yes, they have to be objects of ridicule and derision.

But I do take Iran's development of nuclear weapons seriously, as I take the misdeeds of neo-Nazis seriously -- Tim McVeigh, the jerks in Texas, the killers of Matthew Shepard, Matthew Hale and his attempts to kill a federal judge, and now this pup in Massachusetts who shot up a gay bar.

People who kill and maim, or plot to kill and maim, or attempt to kill and maim, or call for killing and maiming, are not jesters. They must be taken seriously and disarmed.