Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Northwestern's Prof. Butz: the law of unintended consequences

From John C. Zimmerman, of the University of Nevada and an active member of the holocaust history project, who has written a fine book on Holocaust denial, comes the following perspective on the work of Arthur Butz, professor of Electrical Engineering at Northwester:

In chapter 7 of my book I noted that in his own book Butz presented so much evidence that the Holocaust actually occurred, that only someone desperate to
accept his conspriacy theories would believe him. In fact, Butz's book was the first one I ever read on the Holocaust. The evidence he presented actually convinced me that the Holocaust occurred. Interestingly, this aspect of Butz is often overlooked.

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Dave said...

I must get my hands on the Zimmerman book. At $49 at Amazon, that's a stiff price. I'll have to hunt around. I would like to get it autographed, if possible.

Funny that Butz is his own iconoclast. Most people's worst enemies are themselves.