Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Irving to plead guilty but he doesn't mean it

As I predicted months ago, Irving's decision to plead guilty is nothing but a "get out of jail free" card. What I did not expect is that he would admit as much to the press even before the trial. He told the Daily Telegraph that is guilty plea will be nothing but a ploy.

He still denies he is a denier.

No comment necessary.


Tancred said...

If you support the prosecution of David Irving you are a hypocrite who supports 'free' speech only when it suits you. The double-standards have got to stop. Irving should be released immediately, despite his heinous work.

Uriah Robinson said...

You are totally wrong Deborah was aginst the arrest of Irving.

While Irving, Butz and their associates would not allow an iota of free speech if they had the power, we should not follow their example.

Dave said...

Tancred, as I said on your other comment, Deborah has been calling for Irving to be released ever since he got himself arrested.

And obviously, Irving is just playing manipulative games with the Austrian legal system for that noblest of purposes: to get back in the news long after his expiration date.

As we used to say in Navy boot camp: Better get with the program, recruit!