Saturday, February 18, 2006

Northwestern University: An update

Apparently the editors at the Daily Northwestern told the Hillel leadership that they would be publishing my column -- or some other column -- reacting to Butz.

Instead they published their delusional editorial commending themselves for starting an "educated debate" about Butz's ideas [aka among discerning folks as "distortions and lies"].

These folks may be living in la-la land. That's their prerogative. But to have such dribble published as an editorial in the newspaper of one of America's leading universities, is an embarrassment.


Dave said...

I guess they took a lot of heat...that they haven't published on their website.

Interesting that most of their e-mail has come from other Holocaust deniers. Obviously these guys have taken a break from their chatrooms and discussion forums to spam Northwestern's in-box.

I'm always amazed at these guys' conviction that the Jews control the world. I wrote about the "great Jewish conspiracy" on my own web page, commenting on how little this alleged conspiracy has done in helping my Jewish family out, and how inept it really is.

After all, if the Jews really did control the world, I don't think that Israel would be living in a state of siege. Nor would they go to such lengths -- creating a "Holocaust myth" and an unimaginably bloody World War -- to achieve these goals the conspiracists dream of. They would just simply give the orders and have it done, like the Romans, the Spanish Inquisition, the Soviet Union, and so on.

Come to think of it, if there was this "great Jewish conspiracy," why do they allow Christianity in the first place? Wouldn't it be just a lot easier if they simply converted everyone to Judaism?

Conspiracy theories say more about their makers than the world.

naftali said...

And if we controlled the word, how come I still have a mortgage? How come I still have to pay through the nose for gas?

Oh, gotta go, the early warning system chip I have in my head is beeping, must be an upcoming terrorist attack. All Jews are being warned.

Dave said...

When I was in the Navy, I was sort of the "token Jew" on my base in Japan, and Americans and Japanese alike would ask me, "Is it true the Jews have all the money in the world?"

I would snarl, "If that was true, do you think I'd be here in this base, earning $92.74 a month for my ability to clean toilets, living in a barracks with two teenagers? Heck, no! I'd have my own Learjet, my own ocean-going yacht, I would have bought the San Francisco Giants, moved them back to New York and a replica of the Polo Grounds, and be living in a huge mansion, coming home every night to Rae Dawn Chong!"(an actress upon whom I had an unrelieved crush)

That always shut my questioners up.