Monday, February 20, 2006

Irving to switch lawyers

According to taz, [die tageszeitung] the German daily newspaper, Irving has decided to replace his attorney Elmar Kresbach, about whom their were no suspicions of Nazi sympathies, with Herbert Schaller, who was chosen by Ernst Zundel as his lawyer and whom the paper describes at the notorious Nazi lawyer. [Er will sich jetzt vom berühmt-berüchtigten Nazianwalt Herbert Schaller vertreten lassen.]

Rather than plead guilty, as his previous lawyer said he planned to do, the paper reports that Schaller will argue that the Austrian law is so vague that Irving could not have been aware this his "denial of mass killings in gas chambers" would have meant that he was breaking the law.

Looks like we will get a show for the media. The previous lawyer stressed that Irving would do no "grandstanding." I think that expectation has gone by the wayside.


FSJL said...

Irving has plead guilty! Miracles do sometimes happen.

FSJL said...

Irving has plead guilty! Miracles do sometimes happen.

me said...

Just for the records:

The report by the German taz paper that Irving would switch lawyers seems to have been originated from a Vienna based neo-Nazi website.

The taz correspondent in Vienna today writes that this misinformation stems from the right-wing extremist "Wiener Nachrichten Online" web portal. Actually Herbert Schaller, the Vienna based neo-Nazi lawyer who had been said to take over the defence of Irving is busy to defend Ernst Zündel in Mannheim, Germany.