Monday, February 20, 2006

Irving's suit against me comes back to haunt him

This is exactly what I have been saying all along. Irving cannot claimed to have changed his mind in the 1990s when he took me to court in 2000.

As Roger Boyes, Berlin Correspondent of The Times, reports on Irving's trial from Vienna:


"Irving walked in with a swagger but soon ended pushed up against the wall in cross-questioning by the judge that forced him to apologise or express regret for almost every utterance he had made over the past 20 years.


He is saying that since he saw various documents in 1992 he has changed his mind and now accepts that Jews were killed.


The judge is pushing him all the time, demanding apologies - he's being even tougher than the prosecutor.

"The essential weakness of Irving's case is that the libel case in
London, which finished in 2000, showed him even then to be a
distorter of the historical truth and exposed lots of his arguments as false. So it's hard for him to claim that he stopped being a Holocaust denier back in 1992.



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Dave said...

I'll believe Irving is apologetic and repentant when he stands OUTSIDE the court and apologizes.

And apologizes personally and in writing to Deborah.

And pays his costs for the trial.

And apologizes to Holocaust survivors for his behavior.