Tuesday, February 7, 2006

A Holocaust Cartoon Contest [courtesy of your friendly Iranians]

The Tel Aviv University Center for the Study of Antisemitism has reported that one of Iran's leading newspapers, Hamshahri, has announced an international Holocaust cartoon contest as "a response to the Danish cartoon scandal."

In a similar vein the virulently anti-Zionist Belgian Arab-European League began its "Freedom of Speech Campaign" on 6 February with cartoons denying the Holocaust and ridiculing Jewish victims of Nazi atrocities.

American Holocaust denier Michael Hoffman II published antisemitic Ă‚‘HolohoaxĂ‚’ caricatures on his site as an "antidote to the anti-Muhammad cartoon."

Sources: revisionistreview, 6 February 2006; albawaba.com, Februaryry 2006guardianan, 7 February 2006; y-netnews 7 February 2006; arabeuropean.org, 6 February 2006; abcnews.go.com, 7 February 2006.

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Olah Chadasha said...

Remind me again. What does Israel and Jews have to do with the Danish drawing some pictures of Muhammad? Oh yeah... I forgot. It's always got something to do with those Jews. Cloaking anti-semitism under the guise of free speech. Yeah, I can see how they can a moral equivilancy between holocaust denial and blood libel and a picture of the Prophet...

Hey, what about all those beautiful pictures of the Prophet drawn like 200 years ago. I've seen them in museums. Have they protested those yet? Just curious.