Monday, February 20, 2006

News Flash: David Irving gets 3 years

I am floored. Just heard this news. Going off to do two newsnight shows from London. This is quite mind boggling.

More later.


disneycorporation said...

His capitulation in the face of jail time just underscores how self-serving his "historical" work has always been; his revelation is no more believable than anything he has ever said or written. If it's even possible, it will be an even sadder, more pathetic spectacle to see his minions continue to parrot his and Zundel's rhetoric now that Irving has, himself, declared publicly that he has no credibility. And yet the papers continue referring to him as a historian....

Victoria Zackheim said...

Deborah, it's amazing news...and in Austria, of all places!

Had it not been for you, this man would still be spewing garbage.

Uriah Robinson said...

The BBC constantly keep referring to David Irving "the historian".
If Irving is still a historian after all that has happened, if I ever appear on the BBC I shall insist they call me "the international sky diving champion".

Dave said...

So there is justice in the world after all.

Mr. Irving must now pay the price for his misdeeds. Perhaps three years in an Austrian slammer (which will doubtless be cut for good behavior, and so on), will give him time to reflect on his life.

He should consider: those historians who devoted themselves to learning and research, to truth and honesty, are sleeping tonight in their homes, with their families, their books on sale in the world's bookstores, objects of respect from colleagues and students, speaking before university forums, seminars, and lecture halls, not jackbooted Nazi thugs in a Holiday Inn.

Let's see if Irving can avoid the fate of the Bourbon kings: "They learned nothing and forgot nothing."