Sunday, February 19, 2006

Media circus for Irving trial

According to the Times [London] there will be 50 camera crews at his trial tomorrow. One can only hope that the prosecution has done its homework so he can be shown to be a liar and a falsifier of history.

Otherwise, he wins as Austria rescues him from obscurity.


Dave said...

With 50 TV cameras and a worldwide audience staring at him, I refuse to believe that Irving will retreat from his Holocaust the court.

But I suspect that after he's found guilty and sentenced to "time served," he will face those same cameras and his supporters on the courthouse steps, deny the Holocaust again, and proclaim his release as a victory for "free speech" and the Fuhrer. He will say that he denied the Holocaust only to bamboozle a "corrupt court."

This man sickens me.

Deborah Lipstadt said...

Now that he has changed lawyers, looks like we might get a slightly different scenario.

Even if he pleads guilty my guess is that he will wait until he is off Austrian soil to announce he is still a denier