Monday, February 20, 2006

Irving's trial underway

It seems that Irving did not switch lawyers. The trial, as I just heard from Vienna, is underway. He has plead guilty and said he 'has learned a lot since 1989,' when he made those statements. He has told reporters that documents he saw in the 1990s have convinced him he was wrong.

This is all bunk. If he saw those documents in the 1990s why did he sue me?

Right now he is a media star [for the moment]. But he is also looking like an opportunist.


Tancred said...

I cannot believe that you are supporting the idea of Germany and Austria as "special" cases that should keep Holocaust denial laws in place. Your attitude and your position are disgusting and hypocritical. Free speech is free speech, no matter how heinous it is. As far as I'm concerned, you should be writing letters to the court demanding that they release Irving and suggesting that the Parliament change their laws. If you think Germany and Austria are special you should read more of Norman Finkelstein's work.

Dave said...

And, still, nobody has asked Irving the question..."If you knew the Holocaust really happened, why did you sue Deborah?"

Deborah Lipstadt said...

Tancred: I did not notice you in court when David Irving was threatening my free speech protesting his attempts to do so.

Or did I miss seeing you there?

Dave said...

Tancred, as I've said several times, Deborah has repeatedly opposed laws against Holocaust denial and opposed Irving being jailed.

So my next comment is...MODERATOR!