Thursday, February 16, 2006

The BBC on Irving and the free speech issue

This is a real debate. Much bigger than David Irving himself, who as I note in History on Trial was left, at the end of the trial, looking rather pathetic. Prof Fleck calls him a fool. Yet others think he is dangerous and a real threat to European peace.

One thing is certain his new best friends will be found in the Arab/Muslim world.

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Prup (aka Jim Benton) said...

Usually I know where I come down on a particular issue, but this one has left me fighting with myself. On one hand, the free speech arguments are important. On the other, I see Irving the way I see those Muslim clerics in certain countries who successfully argued against polio vaccination and therefore kept alive a disease that would have been eradicated had the vaccination been universal.

Perhaps one telling argument against imprisoning him is that the countries likely to do so are places where 'bacillus anti-Semiticus' is no longer a serious problem. Austria and Germany KNOW the Holocaust existed.

I do wonder if it might be wiser to make Holocaust denial a tort rather than a crime, maybe similarly to the way the US seizes money earned by a prisoner (the "Son of Sam" law).

Just some thoughts I hope are worth considering.