Friday, February 3, 2006

The Infamous Cartoons Depicting Muslims

I don't have time to comment about the cartoons which are causing such a ruckus in Europe right now but there is a very powerful piece in Spiegel Online about it. I tend to agree with the author. More later.

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Dave said...

That's the other thing that irritates me...these Moslems all hate Western society, but they flood to live here. Because the West offers the high salaries, top living conditions, superhighways, shopping malls, and 87 cable TV channels that they don't have in Iraq, Syria, Iran, Afghanistan, Yemen, and Libya. And when your car gets flagged for speeding in Britain or America, you don't have to worry that the cop will shoot you or demand a humongous bribe, or toss you in a filthy jail cell for eight months.

One of the many things about the 1985 TWA hijacking that amused me was how the terrorists holding the captives killed the dead time of guarding hostages by watching movies on VHS tape. The movies the terrorists liked to watch were "Rambo" and Steven Seagal movies. Flag-waving American right-wing propaganda, with Stallone and Seagal single-handedly defeated America's filmic foes. I was and remain baffled by that one.

I think a lot of the Moslem anger against the West is simple backlash against the omnipresent and seemingly omnipotent Western media machine. No matter where they turn, they can't escape from Britney Spears and her explicit lyrics or Paris Hilton and her alleged fame. These guys have more in common with the Christian Right than they realize.