Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Washington Post, Jimmy Carter, Senator Lindsey Graham speak out against the Armenian Genocide Resolution: Yet all the attention is on Abe Foxman

The Washington Post has severely condemned the Armenian Genocide resolution, as has Jimmy Carter [this a.m. on CNN], Senator Lindsey Graham, Juan Cole, and Zbigniew Brzezinski.

This represents people from the far left, the blatantly anti-Israel, the Republican right, and the left of center.

Why then all the attention to Abe Foxman's position??? I have been inundated with emails critical of Abe Foxman and the ADL. So many of them are so overtly antisemitic that I have not posted them.

Various towns in Massachusetts want to drop the ADL's anti-prejudice programs because of its stand on the Armenian genocide. Are they also going to condemn Jimmy Carter when he comes to town???? Why does he get a free pass?

By the way, Carter also refuses to call what is happening in Darfur a genocide. But Israel practices apartheid? What am I missing here?

And why all the talk about the Jewish Lobby controlling foreign policy when 7 of the 8 Jewish members of the House Foreign Relation Committee voted FOR the resolution? Did these Representatives not get the message? Were they missing the day the Lobby handed out its marching orders?

Something is out of whack here.... seriously so.


acadia said...

Muslims need to stand and support Abe Foxman, because the Congress is political institution; they cannot decide what constitutes genocide and what not.

Armenians are trying to equate their suffering with that of Jews, and that's wrong.

I will personally send an email of support to Abe Foxman and ADL.

Thomas Nephew said...

I'm wondering about what you attribute to Carter re Armenia; at least on this recent CNN transcript, he doesn't say that -- admittedly, I skimmed it, but I don't see that in this interview. Zbig Brzezinski I've read about, but nothing is turning up via Google about Carter in this respect. Is it possible you're mistaken?

However, thank you for sticking up for the Armenian side of this argument.

Deborah Lipstadt said...

This is what Carter said on Late Edition, the Sunday show with Blitzer:
CARTER: Well, we had the same issue arise 25 or 30 years ago when I was president, when President Ford was president, when President Nixon was president, probably all the way back to Harry Truman's time.

And there is a delicate balance there, Wolf. I think the world generally recognizes that many of the Armenians were killed because they were Armenians by leaders of Turkey at that time. But to resurrect that issue and brand now Turkey and the Turkish people as perpetrators of genocide, I think, exacerbates a wound that may very well hurt the relationship with Turkey which is very valuable.

BLITZER: So you would urge your friends in Congress not to vote for this resolution?

CARTER: I think if I was in Congress I would not vote for it.

BLITZER: Speaking of genocide, the issue has come up in Darfur in Sudan. The U.S. government, the president of the United States, Condoleezza Rice, former Secretary Colin Powell, they have accused Sudan of engaging in genocide against these people. You don't believe this is genocide.

CARTER: No, I don't, not by the official definition of genocide. The United Nations has not said it's genocide. In fact, this morning when I got up I talked to the prosecutor for the International Criminal Court and they don't think it is genocide.

But it's a matter of semantics because obviously what's happened to the refugees, the black Africans in Darfur, is very serious. I would say it is a crime against humanity.

hockey hound said...

"The United Nations has not said it's genocide. In fact, this morning when I got up I talked to the prosecutor for the International Criminal Court and they don't think it is genocide."

Jimmy Carter is the shocking example of a mind enervated by the pseudo-morality of political correctness. He is so mentally enfeebled that he requires a prosecuter for the International Criminal Court (of all people!) to delineate for him what is genocide. And lo and behold, this same prosecutor proclaims to the world that it's not genocide in Darfur. HELLO!!!!

This is the same Jimmy Carter who can so easily and promptly find his legs whenever he publicly accuses the State of Israel of committing aparteid against the Muslims of Gaza.

"Most people sell their souls and live with a good conscience on the proceeds." -Logan Pearsall Smith

webmaster said...

Dear Pr. Lipstadt:

Jimmy Carter is not getting away with this. Many people, including non-Armenians, have written to him in protest. I also expect this criticism to continue. Abe Foxman has not been single out. He just made himself one the earliest and most visible opponent of Res 106. Please do not blame the Armenians for this, they do not deserve your criticism -- especially at such a time.

Deborah Lipstadt said...

I am not beating up on the Armenians and I am sorry if you interpreted my comments as that.

There have been loads of other people who have jumped on the let's beat up on the ADL bandwagon who have said nothing about Carter, the Washington Post, Dan Schorr and NPR.

In fact for many of them these people and institutions are iconic figures.

I am just looking for some perspective.

And I hasten to reiterate: I support the resolution and have been severely critical of the Turks for the past decade [essentially since I started writing about Holocaust denial] for their denial.

webmaster said...

Dear Pr. Lipstadt,
I just want to thank you. You have been a great inspiration in helping us fight genocide denial. You have helped us identify and expose deniers and their tactics. You have given us the tools to denounce them. You have brought renewed strength to the wounded. You gave hope in the face of despair.

-- from an Armenian

Deborah Lipstadt said...

Webmaster: Thank you for your comments. [Even though we disagree in another exchange!] They are much appreciated. DEL