Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Turkey Blames the Jews

If it were not so serious it would actually be amusing.

Who has Turkey singled out as being responsible for the passage of the Armenian genocide resolution? The Jews.

According to a sobering story in the JTA , Turkish Foreign Minister Ali Babacan said he told American Jewish leaders that a genocide bill would strengthen the public perception in Turkey that “Armenian and Jewish lobbies unite forces against Turks.”

Babacan added, “We have told them that we cannot explain it to the public in Turkey if a road accident happens. We have told them that we cannot keep the Jewish people out of this.”

The Turkish public seems to have absorbed that message.

An online survey by Zaman’s English-language edition asking why Turks believed the bill succeeded showed at one point that 22 percent of respondents had chosen “Jews’ having legitimized the genocide claims” -- second only to “Turkey’s negligence.”

The Turks are livid with the ADL for reversing its position on the genocide and declaring that what happened was “indeed tantamount to genocide.”

According to the JTA,
Mustafa Akyol, an Istanbul-based political commentator who frequently writes about religious issues, says the strong reaction to the ADL’s policy switch and the perception that it somehow legitimized the Armenians’ claims are based on an “inflated sense” of American Jewish power among the Turkish public.

“There is a belief that [the resolution] couldn't have happened without Jewish support,” Akyol said. Now where are all those self-righteous critics who have been attacking the ADL for what it did? They have fallen prey to the same stereotype as the Turks. It's all the fault of the Jews.
Well at long last there is something both sides can agree on: the Jews did it.... but they knew that already.


Hume's Ghost said...

The thing that I have difficulty wrapping my mind around is how people today can have such a problem with acknowledging the crimes of the past as if that somehow reflects on them.

It doesn't, until they do what Turkey is doing.

Unknown said...

The ADL is the ONLY HUMAN RIGHTS organization that actively opposes the recognition of the Armenian genocide. In addition,it has an official presence in our cities and schools. That's the reason it is being targeted.

Do not look for signs of antisemitism where there are none.

If the Armenian genocide resolution does not pass, all groups that lobbied against it on behalf of the Turkish government will be responsible for that. If the ADL, a HUMAN RIGHTS organization, happens to be among these groups, that's their choice. But do not ask us to stand by when we see them preach and teach "tolerance" in our schools on one hand, and engage in the worst form of hate speech on the other.


All it proves is the Jews serve a useful purpose in society, meaning you can blame them for everything, that goes wrong in life, or when you just want to beef off about something to let off steam. For instance you hire a car to meet you at the airport, it doesn't show, well we all know who's fault that is, you order some shoes size 9, they arrive, it says size 9 on the box, yet, they don't fit, you tried wearing them but they hurt your feet, and guess what that dammed Jew wouldn't give you your money back. You go to Vegas, everyone knows the wheels are fixed, and gues what those Jews knew you were going to play 31 to 39 on the board, and they progammed it too spin number 4, you wuz robbed. Take if from me we need the Jews to blame, because it wouldn't do to blame all those G0d fearing folk who attend church on Sundays, there your neighbours for heavens sake. I know Bill Gates a Jew, J D Rockefeller was, so was Woolworth, so was Hetty Green and the Scots steel man Carnegie, there everywhere I tell yer, everywhere, and its our job to root them out. If the Turks say they killed one million Armenians who am I too argue. It must be true becos the redneck press sez so. And I say so, and we are never ever wrong. [Fairplay.

hockey hound said...

"...in 1937 Germany began to disseminate an Islamic antisemitism that fuses together the traditional Islamic view that the Jews are inferior with the European notion that they are deviously powerful. At one and the same time we find the Jews being derided as “pigs” and “apes”, while simultaneously being demonised as the puppet masters of world politics. This specific form of antisemitism was broadcast to the Islamic world on [Nazi Germany's] Radio Zeesen. At the same time the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood was being heavily subsidized by Nazi Germany and its anti-Jewish agitation promoted."
-Matthias Kuntzel