Sunday, October 14, 2007

No comment necessary

Just received the following email. It speaks for itself.
The profound bigotry is yours. It's telling that you say "many of [the emails you receive] are so overtly antisemitic that I have not posted them."

Why not post them -- if they exist.

If you cannot see how racist Israel is, perhaps you should ask Desmond Tutu or Nelson Mandela, both of whom clearly know infinitely more than small-minded racists like yourself.

The fact is, again, that you are the bigot.

Your characterization of the work of Mearsheimer and Walt is so riddled with falsehoods as to make it laughable.

You capitalise on malicious -- borderline actionable
-- misrepresentation of people whose work you clearly have either not read, or if you have, are incapable of understanding.

You are a racist bigot of the very first order.

You should be ashamed of yourself. Emory should be ashamed to have such an idiot on its faculty.


Hume's Ghost said...

I posted something a while back critical of a KKK/neo-nazi group in Alabama and someone issued a death threat in my comments.

I can only imagine what your e-mails looks like.

Epaminondas said...

That email is actually funny.
The point about that pair is merely to quote them .. their words are condemnatory enough.

From their original paper:
The bottom line is that AIPAC, which is a de facto agent for a foreign government, has a stranglehold on the U.S. Congress. (page 19)

On the executive Mearsheimer and Walt say:

"That power derives in part from the influence Jewish voters have on presidential elections. Despite their small numbers in the population (less than 3 percent), they make large campaign donations to candidates from both parties. The Washington Post once estimated that Democratic presidential candidates “depend on Jewish supporters to supply as much as 60 percent of the money.”(page 19)

On the media:
they just take a section in order to assert jews are successful ….Manipulating the Media (page 21)

Add it up and what do we have:Jews are powerful, rich, and manipulate the media, and btw, do it all against the interests of the USA and for the interest of Israel.

Dual Loyalty. DUh, gee, that's a new one.

This is the basic, unvarnished, deconstructed assertion of this paper.

Gee that sounds like another pile of smears via the Ohkrana .. I wonder what they call it, again? It's that best seller in the middle east, still ... the name seems to recede... something about a protocol.

It never stops.

"In every generation there will arise those who...."
To think I used to think that was a load of paranoid baloney.

acadia said...

Quote: "You are a racist bigot of the very first order."

I do not believe that Deborah is racist, at all. Deborah is a wonderful human being.

Since the time she went to pay respect to Srebrenica Genocide victims, she has engraved herself into the hearts of many victims/survivors. She cares about human rights.

Israel has a fair share of responsibility for trouble in the occupied area, so do Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad and other terrorist groups. I am Muslim, but I do not lend my support for Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, and other extremist groups.

It is unnaceptable to blame Israel alone. When Muslim countries lend their hand of genuine friendship to Israel, then we will have Palestinian state and we will have peace. Until then, people like Chomsky will continue to trash Israel and will continue to deny Srebrenica genocide.

Which side do I take? I will have to go for Israel this time, sorry.

Philosemite said...

I wonder if you have heard of a Greek, K. Plevris, who wrote "The Jews - the Whole Truth."
At least he is honest.
"I am a Nazi and a fascist, I am racist, anti-democratic and I am an anti-Semite."

"I constantly blame the German Nazis for not ridding our Europe of Jewish Zionism when it was in their power to do so."

hockey hound said...

"When Muslim countries lend their hand of genuine friendship to Israel, then we will have Palestinian state and we will have peace."

If you are a Muslim, then you will know that Islam and its attendant culture of anti-Jewish hatred will never allow this sort of friendship. Ask Anwar Sadat. There will never be peace in the Middle East until the religion of Islam is recognized as the only obstacle to that peace.

I just want you to know, Blogger, that my heart goes out to the victims and survivors of the Srebrenicia genocide. You've misread me: I never denied this genocide, this war crime. I only wanted to point out that it's an old hatred, not a new hatred. But regardless, and as you say, it was genocide. And I don't need the foolish and shameless UN to tell me this.

acadia said...

Hockey_hound, thank you for recognizing Srebrenica genocide. You have no idea how much that means to me. After all, you are a good guy.

When it comes to Islam, the teachings range from moderate to extremist. The Muslims I associate myself do not hate Jews, otherwise I would not associate myself with them.

It is important for Muslims in the Middle East to overcome politics of victimhood, anti-semitism, and extremism - and only then they will be able to genuinely secure peace with Jewish state. Israel is a small country and has every right to exist, and Muslims must stop putting exclusive blame to Israel for collapse of peace agreements in the last 50 years. Arabs must accept their political failure(s) to negotiate suitable peace arrangement and must accept compromise.

Holocaust denial is disgusting. Several days ago, I had misfortune to watch "Holocaust Denial Movie" over the internet. After watching it, I was even more convinced that Holocaust is irrefutable FACT. Then I contacted individual who created the movie at YouTube. I told him, quote:

"I bet that deep down in your heart you are convinced that Holocaust happened and 6 million Jews died."

To my surprise he replied that he is convinced deep down in his heart that Holocaust was (in his words) "big fraud". I am still trying to change his opinion by challenging his logic. If I gain any success in making him realize that Holocaust was the worst genocide that ever happened in a history of humanity, I will post an update on both of your blogs. Hopefully, he will realize errors of his logic.

We need to stand behind Deborah in fighting Holocaust denial for the sake of innocent people who died - just because they were Jews. Muslim world must stand behind Israel and Muslim world needs to implement Holocaust denial literature in schools and it needs to ban Holocaust denial in the media. Free speech is fine, but Holocaust denial is not a free speech; it's an attack on those who were gassed in death chambers.

When deniers attack, we will counter-attack.

hockey hound said...

Dear Blogger,
Today I watched Welcome to Srebrinicia, the movie. Such a coincidence. It reminded me of the documentary I saw way back then. It showed a little Muslim boy hit by a sniper's bullet and thereby killed. I can still see that little boy lying there, beside a van, in his own blood. It made me cry at the time. Such shameless barbarity.

Every time I hear that one of those responsible for the Sebrinicia genocide is convicted, I think of that evil bastard who murdered that beautiful little boy and that this same evil bastard is probably watching on tv the war crimes trials taking place in the Hague as a free man-a free man who will never be punished for this horrible crime. I despise with unmeasureable passion the very thought of that evil bastard.

I feel the same way about those Islamic terrorists who kill innocent Muslims and non-Muslims in the market squares in Iraq and Afghanistan.

"The Muslims I associate myself do not hate Jews, otherwise I would not associate myself with them."

For this I commend you.

"When it comes to Islam, the teachings range from moderate to extremist."

What you pick and choose as your beliefs from your religion, which is Islam, does not change the fact that the essence of Islam is malefic. History spells this out. That you must pick and choose in the first place serves only to further inculpate Islam the religion because of its primary efficacy, which is violence based on an anti-Judaism, racist, and supremacist ideology. I repudiated Christianity (my former religion) for the same reasons. I thereafter became a Noachide(a monotheistic "ancient path" for Gentiles as taught by certain Orthodox Jewish Rabbis).

"We need to stand behind Deborah in fighting Holocaust denial for the sake of innocent people who died - just because they were Jews."

The first Jewish person I ever met was a survivor from Auschwitz. He showed me the number tatooed into his forearm. Another Jewish person I met years later told me about having to throw the body of her own mother out of a barracks window in Auschwitz when she was only fifteen. She was still suffering in the 1980s from headaches as a result of being hit in the head in Auschwitz by a Ukranian guard's rifle butt. I remember to this day this same extremely beautiful Jewish woman asking me straight out, "The Nazis told us that Jews stink. Do you think I stink?" She was dead serious. This is why I hate any religion or ideology that teaches slander or hatred against the Jewish people.

I remember watching a documentary one night on the fate of Hungarian Jews during the war. It showed beautiful little Jewish children being walked to the gas chambers. I got up from my chair, went to my book shelf, removed 7 volumes of Saint Augustine (Black Friars Edition) went to my balcony and threw them from that 21st floor into the swimming pool below. Why? Because when I saw those little Jewish children being marched to their death, I remembered that Augustine (he was no saint, I can tell you this with certainty) had written in one of those volumes, "Our enemies, the Jews." Augustine can kiss my Irish-Canadian ass.

It is not enough to disassociate yourself from anti-Jewish hatred: you must disassociate yourself from the source of that same anti-Jewish hatred, which, in your case (mine was Christianity), is Islam.

In the Jewish Tanach it is written: "A hypocrite will not come before Him." -Job 13:16b

"When deniers attack, we will counter-attack."

Yes, I'm with you on that one, Blogger.

"We speak also because we are invited to do so." -Primo Levi

acadia said...

Hi Primo,

You mentioned Auschwitz, and this is another coincidence! Take a look at our Bosnian Vault forum, the latest article was about Auschwitz published on October 18. As you can see from my comments, I pointed out, quote:

"Camp Commandant Rudolf Hoss testified that three million people died in Auschwitz."

Please join us in paying respect for victims of Aushcwitz, here is a link:

Hope you like the article,

All the best!


As anyone ever stopped to think what people wearing Nazi or Klan clothing are thinking? Maybe they are Monday night people from birth. Maybe they work for Jews, maybe they hate their boss and tell themselves "He's not so clever - why anyone can do what he / or they do". But deep down they know they can't. As for the Palestinians they need to be told stop using anti-Israel speeches to encourage the west [through subtle war like threats] to give money to your begging bowl state which is pocketed by those really in charge?

hockey hound said...

Dear Blogger,
Just wanted to let you know that I am not Primo Levi. I am Hockey Hound. Primo Levi was an Italian Jew who survived Auschwitz and wrote extensively on his survival and the subject of Nazism.

Primo Levi is one of my favourite writers.