Friday, October 12, 2007

Response to Lipstadt/Broyde Op-ed


acadia said...

"Could Saudi businessmen try to shut down blogs that criticize them?"

I don't think they can due to free speech that we enjoy in Canada and the U.S. But free speech is not the best thing we have in our society. Take a look at thousands of Srebrenica genocide denial websites on the internet. This is not a free speech, this is not even an opinion, it's an attack on genocide victims, survivors, truth, memory; it's a spit on the bones of the dead.

We recently uncovered Srebrenica genocide mass grave with children (7-11 years of age) shot in the head. So much about "good behaviour" of Serb forces - as indicted genocide fugitive, Ratko Mladic, wanted to portray them.

Had there not been U.N. in Srebrenica, Serbs would slaughter every woman and every child in the enclave; not even 1 survive I guarantee you.

hockey hound said...
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acadia said...

One more comment: "hokey hound", the document you are refering to (and I know exactly which one) is not official UN document (althought it is extensively used on Serbian propaganda and Srebrenica genocide denial websites). The document was submitted by Belgrade sources to the United Nations claiming crimes against Serbs, and these crimes were discredited by the International Criminal Tribunal. It is hard for you to accept Srebrenica genocide so you will do everything you can to deny it, along with your right-wing extremist views which are evident from your blogs. You can find facts about Serbian propaganda claims and latest news from the Initernational Courts at my blog.

I hope both of my comments (responses) to you will be approved by Deborah.


acadia said...

another information: I will even give you UN id # "hokey hound", they are UN id numbers A/46/171 and S/25635.

These were NOT official UN conclusions. In fact, this one sided document about allegations of crimes against Serbs were submitted by Belgrade (Yugoslav propaganda trying to convince the U.N. that Muslims are to blame.) As you can see from this propaganda document, Belgrade sources failed to mention that by that time Serb forces ethnically cleansed over 200,000 Bosniaks in predominantly Bosniak territory of eastern Bosniak, and Serb forces also killed over 10,000 Bosniaks.

So, the UN document you are refering to is not Official UN Conclusion; it's just a Belgrade's submission (Serbia's side of the story), which was discredited by the International Criminal Tribunal.

hockey hound said...

"200,000 Bosniaks in predominantly Bosniak territory of eastern Bosniak, and Serb forces also killed over 10,000 Bosniaks."

OK, I get it: Bosnians in Bosnia