Thursday, October 4, 2007

Deniers continue to lash out at Irving

The Forward has reported on Irving's epiphany and deniers' reactions:

Michael Santomauro, who runs the revisionist Web site Reporters Notebook. “[Irving] is a flip-flopper on the Holocaust,” Santomauro said. “I think he’s positioning himself to sell more books

Well I never thought I would agree with a denier but Santomauro got it just right.



The Daily Mail newspaper, London, reports October 4, that David Irving posted on his website a photo of a UK TV celebrity chef; Nigella Cook; with a piece about her teenage daughter recently joining the same school as Irving's daughter; Jessica. The article says Irving post was defamatory and totally untrue. Lawyers acting for Ms Cook have had the USA internet provider delete this item. Jessica's mother Danish born Bente Hogh, 43, said "You cannot trust a word he writes". News Headline: Irving's recipe for disaster.

David Lieberman said...

I don't understand -- are you saying Bente is now turning on Irving, too? Is she also outraged by his weird, partial capitulation?


The news report reads that way, it says Irving was married to his wife Pilar, and they had 4 chidren, that he once lived in Grosvenor Square, London, which is terribly posh and expensive, that he rented this apartment to Bente, described in the report as Danish, and they began an affair which resulted in the birth of Jessica. It appears the Daily Mail rung Bente for a comment and she said 'You cannot trust a word he says'. Reading between the lines it sounds like there's an acrimonious dispute going on between them maybe over overdue maintenance payments [alimoney] for her and Jessica.