Sunday, October 14, 2007

Fantasy Land: White Supremacist creative history

The following statement appeated on a White Supremacist site yesterday:
Earlier this week, Prof. Deborah Lipstadt of Emory University appeared on the Bill O'Reilly television program to urge that engineering Prof. Arthur Butz of Northwestern University be fired for writing--outside his classroom-- critical studies of the Auschwitz gas chambers. Instead of rebuking Lipstadt for her tyrannical desire to silence academics who do not subscribe to her opinions about World War II, O'Reilly replied that he would take her request to fire Prof. Butz, to the President of Northwestern!

Had the shoe been on the other foot, and O'Reilly had urged that Emory University fire Lipstadt, there would have been a national uproar. Instead, Lipstadt can advocate a Judaic dictatorship over college campuses and the termination of a highly competent professor of engineering who has educated generations of youth, and there is nary a peep from the great white race in America. Thanks be to God the Muslims still kindle in their hearts a righteous anger against injustice like this.
Nothing in this statement bears any relationship to reality:
1. I did not appear on O'Reilly this week. I did appear about eighteen monts ago on this topic.

2. When I did I noted that Butz CANNOT be fired because of tenure [and the fact that he does not engage in his historical distortions in the classroom]

3. Consequently, O'Reilly made not "promise" to bring this to the President of Northwestern.

It's amusing and a sign of how desperate these folks are.

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acadia said...

Quote: "Thanks be to God the Muslims still kindle in their hearts a righteous anger against injustice like this."

No we don't. You can't speak for Muslims. It is extremists that spread hate. Average "Husein" and "Elyahu" are getting along just fine. They are drinking a coffee in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv and laughing at each other right now. It's politics and it's people like you that spread hate. Stop it please.