Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A message from a denier

Just received a phone call from a Holocaust denier [who stressed his putative Jewish ancestry]. He ranted and raved a bit. He wasn't very creative or smart. I just let him rip waiting to see what would emerge from his mouth.

He grew angrier and angrier that I would not play his game. Finally, he flew into a rage and sputtered: "There were no gas chambers but if there are I hope they put you in one."

In that one sentence he hit on the deniers' ultimate dilemma. They claim there was not a Holocaust but they are so dripping with venom towards Jews that they believe there should have been one.

Maybe I can hook him up with Devil's Kitchen. Remember him and his articulate attack on me? These two guys would probably play well together.

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Sam Freedom said...

Hi Deborah,

This is an interesting blog you've got going here. Quite an undertaking. About 12 months ago, I was wrestling with a lie I was intending to tell in traffic court. I had even rehearsed it the night before, studying others experiences, etc. I almost began to believe my own story and to feel justified in feeling wronged. After all, I hadn't MEANT to speed.

But the law wasn't set to fine only those who MEANT to speed. And I could feel the weight of the lie building in me. At that point, I heard a voice in me say, "The truth shall set you free." And the weight lifted off my chest.

I decided that I would just go in, take responsibility for my actions, allow the court whatever mercy it wanted to show and to pay for my infraction.

I was amazed that I got off. I started by telling them that I was not there to insult anyone's intelligence by denying what happened. And then proceeded to offer some mitigating factors and they let me off.

What a strong lesson that has been.

I say all that because the Holocaust deniers are under a huge burden and they think the only way they can escape that burden is to rewrite history. They don't even realize that if they stopped denying the truth, they'd instantly have millions of more potential friends. Friends who are known for their vast contributions to all areas of humanity and who could only better their lives.

I don't hate Holocaust deniers. I pity them. They are all under massive burden, full of hate and lies and without even the faintest clue that their view of reality is as warped as can possibly be. When they deny that the deaths of 6 million Jews, 13+ million more non-combatants (gays, gypsies, etc), in a systematic fashion ever occurred, and that another 55 million soldiers died "just because..." then the shame and burden is upon them.

Ironically, being of "The Chosen People", which they also misunderstand, I am commanded to shoulder some of that burden with them, for them.

Thanks for the work and let the deniers be more of an example that your work is important and needs to continue.

I, for one, thank you for it.
Europe Threw The Jews Under the Bus
FYF4: Let My People Go!