Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Another enlightened letter

In response to my letter in the New York Times last Sunday, I received the following enlightened response from Dick Vattimo [vattimo@att.net]:

Re your letter in the NYT---will we ever satisfy you and your kind? how many more guilt trips do you have planned? Israel would not exist if it were not for the US. It is not really a country if you take away our support. Every attempt to bring a sense of reality to the situation is met with cries of anti-Semitism. How convenient, you have managed to mix religion, politics, nationalism and all other things Jewish into a nice neat ball that cannot be criticized. why not make all Jews citizens, give them whatever they want, certainly medical care and social security, good jobs and free education. would that make you happy or do you want even more?

Zionists have taken over our foreign policy and continue to have as their utmost priority the survival and building up of Israel. on the backs of our soldiers and pocket books. If this country is so bad and needs reminding of our past terrible deeds---please leave and go to a better place.

Actually I liked Devil's Kitchen's comments better. Sorry Dick.

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