Friday, March 23, 2007

Good news from French Court: It's OK to publish the Danish Muhammed Cartoons

In contrast to the previous post in which a German judge took multia French court has shown the good sense to rule that a paper which published the Danish Muslim cartoons had every right to do so. The charges, which had been brought by the Paris Mosque and the Union of Islamic Organizations of France, accused the newspaper of “publicly abusing a group of people because of their religion.”

As the NY Times reported, the French paper, Charlie Hebdo
published the cartoons in solidarity with the Danish newspaper and to make a point about freedom of expression in France, which has the largest Muslim population in Europe.
The Times also noted that the French paper published an original drawing by the French cartoonist Cabu depicting a crying Muhammad with his head in his hands, saying, “It’s hard to be loved by idiots.”

While the French court's decision is reassuring, I wonder why the NYTimes did not publish this original drawing. Are we seeing the chilling effect of the Muslim protests???

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hockey hound said...

Yes, you are seeing the chilling effects of Muslim protests. Actually, you are seeing the chilling effects of Islam's penchant for violence and bloodshed. Islam recognizes only Islam, it does not recognize nor respect freedom of speech.