Friday, March 30, 2007

JTA gets it wrong on David Irving

The JTA recently reported that David Irving's property will soon be seized by Penguin Books in order to cover it's legal costs. According to the article "Irving was ordered at the time to pay Lipstadt´s legal costs, estimated at nearly $3 million. The ruling ruined him financially."

Not correct. Penguin pursued Irving for its costs. I did not. I never asked him for a penny and never received anything from him.

The article also reports that Irving had decided to pursue his libel action against the writer Gitta Sereny and The Observer newspaper, even though that case hinges on many of the same issues that we proved were false. Amazingly British law permits bankrupt individuals to sue for libel and also allows him to keep any money awarded from such lawsuits.

I am not sure if this information is any more reliable than the fact that the court ordered him to pay my costs.

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