Monday, February 9, 2009

Williamson Dismissed as Head of SSPX Seminary in Argentina

According to Fox News the SSPX has dismissed Williamson as head of its seminary in Argentina. [I hope they will still deliver his mail. See previous post.]

The more this thing is drawn out, the more it seems that this is actually a bonus for the SSPX. it draws attention to one man and away from their more noxious views on Jews and conspiracies and the like.


StGuyFawkes said...

My take on the Williamson dismissal is that Bp. Fellay is "large and in charge". He nailed a negationist priest recently. Let's watch who he nails next.

My guess: The Pope and Bp. Fellay have come to a meeting of the minds on Vatican II, and nothing is going to stop them. The SSPX will split into factions, one anti-Vatican II, the other pro-Vatican II (with reservations). The anti-Vatican-faction will be left in the cold.

For twenty years the Vatican has been beeping the SSPX with the message "E.T. phone Rome."

Bp. Fellay has finally decided to return the call.

Tom said...

In his search for the truth, Williamson says, predictably, that he will not be traveling to Auschwitz.,1518,606323,00.html

Michael Gerson has weighed in, giving the Pope the benefit of the doubt, likening the lifting of Williamson's excommunication to the Obama administration's "struggles with an incompetent vetting process."

hockey hound said...

"The anti-Vatican-faction will be left in the cold."

Surely you mean to say, Guy Fawkes, that the anti-Vatican-faction will be left in the hot (as in Hell)? LOL Forgive my sense of humour, but wouldn't that be the juridic procedure (in New Testament, Roman Catholic discourse) Williamson must expect? I mean, in rejecting the Vactican's bull (no pun intended), wouldn't that necessitate his being sent out and on the way of Martin Luther? G-D forbid the world should have to endure one more of Martin Luther!